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Some of us Delawareans have a fondness for the current V.P… Good ol’ Joe Biden. He spoke at our Unitarian Church a few years back. He referred to W as a “petulant child”… Ah memories! Biden has the distinction of having defeated both Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell. Both of whom are thought of as something akin to nails on a chalkboard in our household.

This strip was inspired by a recent survey about religion that was done in Atlantic magazine. Apparently,
they came to the conclusion that atheists and agnostics generally know more about religion. I’m inclined to think that they may be atheists and agnostics because they’ve studied up on it, and don’t buy into it. Many of the agnostics and atheists I know have done some pretty major introspection on the question.

My own beliefs are probably similar to Oslo’s in this strip… big surprise… with the exception that by all accounts, I’m also human.