The second installment of the brief “Revenge Saga”- The first storyline
to revolve around someone other than Oslo. I thought it would be a good
vehicle to explore some character development.

Of interest, I was listening to the podcast archives of Web Comics Weekly, and in their first episode, they mentioned the website of the same name ( It’s gone now – it hadn’t updated in over a year, I think… not my fault.. I guess the owner ran out of time or interest). I was one four or five artists that posted to that site. Brad Guigar took a look at it and said “looks like a collective”. I guess it sort of was, but none of the artists interacted with each other. Unfortunately, I think the art on that site captured Muddlecreek at sort of an awkward stage. It’s funny to think that during that first podcast, Brad Guigar might have been looking at my comic.

There is a new posting by me on the jerrylane blog in the jeromatic sketchbook, which is doing a story about the fictional comic book company, JerryLane Industries. If you want to read the previous entries you can start from the beginning… I think it starts in the third installment of the Jeromatic Sketchbook.

I would also like to give a shout out to the folks at – a new
collective that’s just starting up… so far it includes Barista Girl, Cobra Dog, The Best Band in The Universe, and Here There Be Dragons, The Elderly Apple Guy, and Marooned. You can find the bar at the top of the page that links to them all!