Bunny Wiggins: Page 20 line art

This is the line art for page 20 of my comic Bunny Wiggins. Typically, I will ink things in on two ply bristol, using a Winsor-Newton series 7 #2, and Black Star Hi-Carb ink.

Bunny Wiggins: Page 20 pencils

This is the original pencils for page 20 of my comic Bunny Wiggins. Tomorrow, stop in to see the inked line art!

Bunny Wiggins group shot for Ink Outbreak

This is art that I used for my Bunny Wiggins banner on the new comic listing site “Ink Outbreak”

Play Ball!

This was originally posted in my first sketchblog which was part of my portfolio site, addison-art.com.

Titania Cleave Pin-up sketch

This is the pencil sketch for the Titania Cleave Pin-Up I posted over at Bunny Wiggins.com.

2 Pages From the Moleskine

This is a sample from a sketchbook I reserve for more polished drawings. As can be seen, the style is slightly different from what you see in Bunny Wiggins or my other comics.

Danger Girl – Sydney Savage

Second post in one day! Here is my rendition for the penciljack forums of J.Scott Campbell’s Sydney Savage from Danger Girl.

Titania Cleave

This is from the pencils for Chapter 2 page 2 of Bunny Wiggins. It’s the villain Countess Titania Cleave.



Another drawing I did for Penciljack


Done for the Penciljack forum weekly sketch group.